Mini Schmidt Productions

One woman company

Born in Edinburgh, built in London, freezing in Glasgow.

Catriona Smith is a London/Glasgow based creative.

Catriona grew up in Edinburgh. At 17 she was all set to go and study Egyptian Archaeology in Berlin, however that changed when she was accepted into Drama School. She trained as an actor at Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts, graduating 2014. In her final year at drama school, her dissertation piece that she wrote and directed, The Snail, was extremely well received. After acting for a few years, she began to see the sexist overtone of the acting world and it’s toxic image obsession. Having had enough of auditioning for two-dimensional women characters and facing sexually over-bearing directors, she decided something had to give. She had kept writing throughout the years but the pieces had stayed saved on her laptop, nothing more. Catriona has always had a fascination with simple pieces, like in Harold Pinter & Tennessee Williams, where the plays are mainly focused on the intricate, complicated relationships, with these jux-tapositioned characters magnetically colliding and bouncing off one another. She took a piece she had written and submitted it to The Cockpit’s Theatre in the Pound scratch evening. </3: A Play about a Break Up was an autobiographical piece looking at the first encounter of a broken up couple and the sad reality of someone always “wins” or “loses”. I wanted to look at the psychology of a break up and also focusing on loneliness, just wanting to have someone there even if they’re not the right partner. It’s something that our society do a lot, in an age of social media, tindr and also extortiante living costs, it’s better to be with anyone than be on your own. This scratch piece was the inspiration and catalyst for LoveFestLDN18, a seven day multimedia arts festival looking at all the different aspects of love, the highs, the lows and everything in between. Looking around at the current state of the world with hate crimes on the rise, politics becoming more divisive and scapegoating the “others”, I wanted to create a piece that would highlight our similarities and celebrate our differences. Heartbreak Hotel was co-curated in 2019 as an Anti-Valentine’s Day festival, openly exploring the stigma around heartbreak and creating a community for those ostrasized from the consumerism hetero-based holiday.

She is currently in the process of writing a one woman show, looking at what it means to truly live a fulfilled life. Her introduction to this was chosen as Editor’s Pick for April 2019 of The John Byrne Award.

Previous work includes: Heartbreak Hotel (supported using public funding by Arts Council England), LoveFestLDN18 and EU & I

As a performer Catriona is represented by All Talent Agency.



Artistic Objective

Founded in 2018 by Catriona Smith, Mini Schmidt Productions aims to create work on what she feels society around her needs to hear most about. She takes her inspiration from current political and social issues, looking at the psychology of humanity. Her projects are presented in a range of verbatim multi medias. In the future she would like to use more film work and animation. The objective is to change minds, create needed discussions, to bring comfort and positivity and to unify one piece at a time.